Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My hexies

I have been bitten by the hexie bug!

While we were in shifting, er moving i mean house hopping, When we rested at night I had my sewing machine packed, but I felt the urge to sew... so I was snooping.. reading my favorite blogs I fell in love with these hexies. I gave it a go...

My very first hand sewn hexie!

My kit I keep beside me..

These are alot of fun to make!

Anyone else making these hexies? The one shown above is 1 inch hexies. I cut all the hexies myself. i have also cut 1.25 hexies and 3/4 hexies!

How about you?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


have not really been in the mood to do anything, well..i got my lil twister template and the book that goes with it, almost finished a wall hanging size...in blue of corse!

We have had to move house.. you know the fun of packing, cleaning, shifting, storing a heap of "stuff" we (I) have collected (fabric) over the years.
We live on the farm and the farm comes with the house etc.. the new manager wanted the house we were in, so ok, we had to move. Now they have hired a new worker, so we have to move out of this house for him and his family. Now we have to move house again!

Just had a look at a house we are able to stay for a couple weeks..smells highly of cat p*ss. I am not happy with this house. But what to do..

If only we had our own house!