Thursday, March 24, 2011

Class day and vent...

Was yesturday, but was too tired to post, so left it for today. Good news and bad news.

What do you want first?

Bad news first huh? Okay.... Bad news is..with all this stress happening on the farm..(will get to that) I forgot to pay for my quarter inch foot and folded my class instructions needed for that class with the quarter inch foot and put them in my bag. When it came to class day she was right in my face accusing me of stealing saying how hurt she was after all they did for me and how bad the store is doing right now etc. I was very happy to pay for it and did straight away. I am no theif it was completely by accident. Then for 2 days I was looking for my 5 inch tumbler template..just happened to look up and there it was pinned to my cork board. I had forgotton I put it there!

Good news.. I had an awesome time at oour quilt class. Rhonda Chandler from Australia (I think) that is a wholesaler/quilter for Floriani Embroidery was here to promote their product and held some classes. I went to her Aplique Sampler class. Here is her finished project...

This is Rhonda's.

Here is mine...

Not much huh? Was an all day class too. 9.30am to 3pm. We did however made samples for our own sample book of Floirani product line, like embrodery samples like a free standing butterfly on wet and gone. A redwork flower on linen and a anchor and rope on linen. I started the applique but then wanted to do the items the other ladies were doing as I was the only one making the applique wall hanging and felt out of sorts.

Rhonda is the lovely lady on the far right hand side wearing a pretty purple shirt and skirt. I am the one taking the photo so you cannot see how fugly I is :P

But here is my sewing/embroidery machine sewing the butteryfly..

You can see a couple of the flowers ready and waiting for the butterfly to finish. But then it was time to come home.

Was a lovely day other then being accused of theifting.

i forgot to say why it was a stressful day. My stepson has been fired from his farm managers job. Afew days later his boss which is also his uncle, had him by the throat and darn near choked him! Thank goodness he filed a report incase something else happens. We are thinking of leaving too, will be trying hard to pay off our bills and credit cards then we are going to fudge off before anything more happens. We feel The boss has lost his marbles. I guess that is no excuse to forget to pay for the 1/4 inch foot, but everyone was busy chatting and no one was going to serve me and was talking about the class and getting some prices on batting. But I did pay for the foot and told her I had full intention of paying. I will be extra careful when there and make sure no one is busy so I can pay and not be accused again. I should have been more careful.

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