Sunday, March 13, 2011

It is official..

I have startitis and finishphobia in quilts. I have started another 2 projects and still have not finished any. I am not addicted.
I cannot help it if I happen to stumble across a tutorial I just MUST start! It's your fault to feed my appetite in making the tutorials for people to come across that we have to start! :p

I have started This project and this project I tell you I am not addicted, just trying the measurements to see if they are correct...yea thats it, one must find out if its right, right? cannot have a tutorial that just might have a typo or or or might be wrong or or or  dont like that fabric so you must try that awesome...sweet...must start it project in your pick of fabric to see if it looks nice, yea...i like that..see not addicted at all..

1 comment:

  1. Now you have explained my problem very well so I am not addicted, heheheheh